V Day Cover





Current Acoustic rendition

Original A Capella Demo recorded to Four Track iPhone app.

Written and given as a birthday gift.
I originally heard the sort of beat/R&B version in my head and wrote it a cappella as a demo on my phone.  I tried initially to find a way to play it on acoustic but couldn’t find a way to play it that synced with the swaying and hanging quality the chords have.  Then of course a couple days after I recorded the a capella demo, it hit me that if I put a capo on the fifth fret of the guitar I could use different chord shapes or whatever they’re called and get the effect I as looking for.
The acoustic version is good, and if anything the a capella version provides more insight into the colors and feelings the song came from.  Especially the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” in the background of the two bridges and solo scat sections.
After the first bridge, there are for measures or rounds of the verse chords which I consider space for a solo.  Perhaps piano colors.
Then at the end of the song, I seem to be set on repeating the first verse and kinda vampping gently and fading out.

Simple chords.

First Bridge
“You know I believe in you…”
A#-F-C x2
“believe in you, you’re a queen, you’re the queen, and you’re free”
then A#-F-C-A#-C

Second Bridge
“You’re adventure fueled, by the endless ways…”

V Day
Vickie looks within to see
Moving through the mystery
Vickie and her mind are free
Letting go and letting be

Vickie has the time, future past and present align
Waits for omens, reads the signs
Vickie’s primed to grow, through legend she will flow
She’s holding on to letting go

You know I believe in you
You can’t go wrong
You know I believe in you
Here’s your birthday song
You know I believe in you
Your a Queen, Your the Queen
and you’re Free

In the silence we can talk
Would you like to take a walk
Swaying trees and water falls
Feel the ohm and feel the all

You’re adventure fueled
By the endless ways
I’m celebrating you
‘Cause it’s your birthday