Bear Hug the Fear – May 2013

Update from the Road:
It’s been a beautiful few weeks into my new life.
I spent a week in Portland, OR.  I chose this town (where I lived from ’99 to ’01) to set up my touring vehicle with all the required organization for good living.  Nothing fancy, I always keep it simple, just clothes and equipment storage, sleep set up, etc.  The weather was absolutely ridiculously beautiful.  The essence of North Western spring.  I grew up in the Peninsula south of San Francisco which has some pretty heavenly weather year round, but the North West owns this season.  I had some really inspiring experiences busking (street performing) which I hadn’t done in a long while, and just a few hours of work paid for most of my food and drink while I was there.  The students at PSU were particularly inspiring, welcoming and appreciative.  I thank you.

I rolled into my home of the last ten years, Seattle, about a week ago.  Came in to see friends and other important people I hadn’t seen while I was away for 6 months, preparing for what I’m in right now.  Thanks to my good friend Ian for holding the rest of my music gear safely at his place for so long.  Invaluable.

On the subject, I want to say that I am so blessed to have so many great supportive people in my life.  I can’t even begin to list you all.  Though I have always been one to have a very, very small group of people who are close in my life, and I often go through long periods where I am very hard to “access”, my years have grown a pool of great people.  I’m really blessed to have all this love around.
Thank you everyone, you know who you are.
Recently, my good friend Brendan Mills-McCabe took time out of his busy schedule to record some demos of new songs with me at his studio.  Brendan has engineered and co-produced both of my previous “official” releases, “Periscope” and “Follow the Feeling“.  I’ve decided to stay in Seattle a few weeks to record our 3rd record together.  I am so lucky and thankful that Brendan is game.  I am really excited to lay these songs down and share them with you all.  They should be an appropriate accompaniment to the solo performing Lars that I’ll be bringing to your town soon.  A return to the roots I love; voice, guitar, and a good song.  More on that later, but no sooner than the right moment.

In addition to recording this record, the other major piece of adventure on my plate is booking the first legs of my indefinite tour.  In bigger cities it’ll likely be small clubs, and in smaller towns, cafes.  Hopefully some nice intimate house shows in there too.  As my longer time fans know, I can play according to the room and I am so looking forward to playing in all these contexts; not to mention for more new faces than ever before in my life.  I’m a little nervous about doing it “right” but I’m gonna Bear Hug the Fear and jump through the awkward hoops to begin.  If you have any particular spots you think I should play let me know, or even better if you know a booker there, let them know about me.  Anywhere in the West Coast states since they’re my current comfort zone.

Anyway.  Thanks for reading.
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…I must say that it’s good to be alive.
Questions? Comments. Wanna offer help. Just write me.
Until later,