Tiny Desk 2016

Hey folks!
So I just entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Music Contest.
The video I submitted is of course the one above.
The link is – https://youtu.be/9iOEWBJNT6U

Bob Boilen and company of NPR’s All Songs Considered started the contest last year.  In their Washington DC offices they have musicians perform sets at his desk, and they are considered part of the Tiny Desk Concert Series.  Tons of music makers grace this unusual stage.  Sometimes I look for a certain band/singer to see if they’ve done a Tiny Desk Concert because you can’t suck and play a show like that.  Well you can, but your not so goodness will likely come across.  There’s not much to hide behind but the music, standing there in an office.  I remember years ago I kept hearing about this Adele person, maybe you’ve heard of her, and I found her Tiny Desk Concert.  “Oh.  Ok.  I get it.  Yeah she can sing.”
Oh and I love the Sylvan Esso set.  I can’t wait for their next record and to go to one of their shows.  In addition to great music, they’re such great female and male energies for this modern world we live in.  Not to mention they’re dynamic together.  Respect.

So here’s the youtube info with some embellishment, and a note or two at the end.

An unreleased tune of mine.  “Setting Sun” is not exactly your typical pop song material, nor is it a booty shaker but it felt right for the setting, the weather that day, and the season.  Actually a tune I wrote a while ago, “Setting Sun” has gotten a lot of love from people lately, especially when I’m playing on the street.  People are drawn in by the intensity, the vulnerability, the soul bearing I guess.  I a way all those things are all over my music, or so I hear.  Giving respect to the sad songs (though it’s not really sad to me but it may trigger some of that for you).  Or non fluffy songs I could say.  Sometimes the serious side needs a chance in the limelight.

I filmed this on two phones, one resting on the wall opposite me and one on the floor where the teeny tiny desk was at my feet.  That second phone on the ground saved my butt cause the main one didn’t end up capturing the desk in the shot. Phew!  This shell of a building is located on a hill in the Bay Area of California only accessible on foot.  No cars, no full size desks.  One of my favorite spots to hike to when I’m in the area.
This spot is open to the public so this video isn’t evidence of trespass 😉  Outside the walls you can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the south bay, with planes coming in and out of SFO airport every few minutes.  It’s cool.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up in future vids. Yes, it’s windy, and you can kinda hear that. It was way worse on the outside of those walls.

Thank you Bob, Ben, Rachel and the rest of the crew and judges for giving us all the opportunity to share our music.  Thanks Lagunitas for paying for all this  (they’re the sponsor) and spreading tasty beer across the land.  I remember when Lagunitas was tiny like these desks.  Well, small at least.

Thanks to the friendly faces who said Hi and gave me a little space when they walked up and heard me singing my heart out in this decaying concrete bunker covered in temporary tattoos.  I actually edited out a little outtake from the ultimate video cause I didn’t want to be disqualified for violating the privacy rights of anyone.  I don’t think that it was a privacy violation but I didn’t want to take a chance.  You can see the other version with the 2 second outtake added on my channel here.

Oh, and Thank You to Felicia (or Alicia?) and Nikki from Apple Support who Spent Hours with me on the phone getting the floor cam video off the phone. It was corrupted or something and it wouldn’t come off the phone. Though I’m sure they’ll never read this I couldn’t have entered this video without them. Thank You! You were really cool and we learned a new hack for the problem together.  As I said before, this is the video that saved my butt in terms of showing me actually playing in front of a desk, live.  Giant foot, tiny desk.  It may be a little dorky to say but I was really impressed with my service.  From the first moment I got on the phone with them I believed they were going to work with me until the problem was solved.  We tried all kinds of things before the solution was found.  Of course, once you figure it out, it takes 5-10 minutes but getting there was some work.

Honestly, this isn’t about winning for me.  Oh yes, winning would be the freaking coolest thing ever but it’s really about entering, participating and sharing this heavy song in an interesting setting.  More music for you.  I would love to win, and I think I could, but there’s so much amazing talent out there (thank goodness) and I’m sure a lot of catchy songs being submitted.  I’ve reached you either way.

Man, right now I’m writing from a Peet’s in San Mateo and after going to bed at midnight and waking full of energy at 4:30am I decided to write this up before meeting for breakfast with my Pops.  The most amazing pink red color was cast on the clouds this morning.  Just amazing and worth standing and staring for it’s brief 5 minute life.  Yes I took a photo. But I don’t think it did it justice.  I’ll take another look and maybe it’ll end up on my recently started Instagram.

My show in Mountain View with John Brazell was good times.  There were so many old faces from my past there, including my first best friend, I hadn’t seen since first frikkin’ grade!  Jeeez!  Awesome to catch up.

Lastly, this last Monday was my 6 year anniversary of practicing NSR.  The greatest gift I ever gave to myself.  I can’t say enough so I won’t say anything, for now.

OK. That’s all.
I hope YOU are doing great.
Thanks folks.