Time Moves on Without You… Which is Good…

“Time moves on without me, thank god ’cause I’ll catch up”


Hello Beautiful People!
I’ve been away from the internet as you may have noticed.
Last fall I shed most of the responsibilities of my old life, to put time into my family and set the stage for a full time music career.  No more B.S. folks…  No pain no gain.  It’s about to get really real in my world.  It’s fantastic and scary and HELLA F’IN AWESOME!!!

I will be away for a while longer but hopefully soon my Entertainers Visa on Earth will be valid for a long while.  I’m applying for residency now.  Bless you all who have wondered and/or sent messages of love.  I Miss You and look forward to seeing you at My Shows and other great moments to come.  Perhaps we can sit under a tree and have a nice conversation.  It’s gonna be a beautiful summer.

Take care and please don’t be discouraged if I can’t say hello/or respond to you online just yet.  I’ll be back as soon as I can…
P.S. Thanks to my sister for getting me to update and say hello to you all while I’m in town.