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Music has been the philosophical and perceptive thread through the last 20 years of my life.  Approaching 2013, years of internal growth and an escalating family crisis culminated in a personal sea change, and I made a decision to start a new chapter.

Over the years I had quietly released 2 records, one as Lars Mortensen, and one under a band moniker, Son of Mars.  After years of forging my musical essence, as a solo performer, including a 6+ month weekly residency in Ballard Washington it was time to shed my skin and go.  In just over a months time, I dismantled the material trappings of my day to day.  A decade of steady day job, comfy apartment living and other luxuries of the road most traveled were dropped like a weight to the ground.  I became a musical nomad. When not supporting and working with my friends and family across the West Coast states, I’m making music.

Summer of 2014 saw the release of my first totally acoustic album, “Nothing to Lose”.  Marking a new beginning, I symbolically stripped down to just voice and guitar, with no other instrumentation at all.  The songs are a collective statement of Love, Defiance, and Independence.  From my first official EP “Periscope” to my band project Son of Mars’ “Follow the Feeling“ listen to all three and explore some slices of my musical world.

Update-Spring 2017: Last year proved a monumental year in my personal life, losing a parent after what seemed a lifelong battle, and my perspectives are shifting.  I’ve landed in a new self awareness of what my relationship to my music should be for me.  It has been liberating and inspiring.  As is usually the case with artists, I feel the work I’m making now in private is the best I’ve ever crafted, but I’m not sure if/how/when I want to share it.  I’m allowing myself to return to making music, writing, playing purely for the personal joy and strength it brings.  I’m making room for my passion for improvisational music and other colors of music I haven’t made space for but have had flowing through me for a long while.  After 4 years of busking and occasional shows along the West Coast I’m taking the pressure off the business.  More later.
I have recently returned to Seattle full time, investing in and building on new and old relationships, both musical and personal.  As I write this I am about to head to the studio for one of these very projects.  The universe is raining bounty upon me.  I am embracing the gifts and giving back into the ether all the good that I can.
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