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Lars is an inspired performer.
Folk, Pop, and Soul meld within his powerful voice, creating a sound both accessible and distinct.
Many years of writing and performing have lead to a large original repertoire.
With just a guitar and his voice, each powerful set is designed for the room and the moment.
Lars delivers a signature depth and sound that his growing loyal fan base knows him for,
and new members of the audience may find themselves moved and mesmerized.

Below is a playlist of songs representing Lars playing in a solo acoustic or small band setting.

Lars’ stage time is split between cafes, bars, small clubs, and intimate house shows.
At a small bar in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Lars enjoyed a weekly residency for over 6 months, further crafting his performance chops.
Every Wednesday night included 2 sets of Lars original songs, with the occasional cover interpretation.
Lars was interviewed and performed on Seattle’s independent Hollow Earth Radio.

Get to know Lars in the video below.
All background music is live public performance and live footage starts at 2:45

Poster example and Promo Photos…

Promo Poster- LARS 2015

Promo Poster- Lars 2015

LARS w/ Son of Mars

LARS - Promo2

Lars Promo Shot