“…Cause I Got Nothin to Lose”

Hey there folks.
It’s been a little while.
I hope you are well.


Things in my world have gotten really, earth shaking.  Well more, tectonic shifting than shaking.  During this time, I’ve filmed two WebSets and abandoned both in the video editing stage.  There should be more coming but I am “reconfiguring” the setup I’m using.  Both sets had brand new songs, the dreamy “Four Leaf Clover” and the heart wrenching, gut spilling release of “Loved and Free”.  There’s lot’s of new material to be revealed, in addition to solo versions of songs from Follow the Feeling and Periscope.  If you don’t know the songs off these SoM studio “albums”, you should check ’em out.

I’m not gonna say too much right now but it looks like I’m finally manifesting a HUGE change I’ve been planning in my life for a long, long time.  Lots of thought, waiting, the natural end of a personal era, and recent events in my family, have all come together to align the stars in favor of a new chapter.  Though it will be a while before the new ways surface, this new chapter gives unprecedented room for the music.  So far, Seattle has gotten the majority of my performances whether with band or solo, but coming with this life change you may see me coming to your undisclosed West Coast town.  New things.  Ah so tasty and fresh.

OK.  Just wanted to give a small update.
Gotta go before I spend 4 hours in front of this computer.

Take care and keep up the good work 🙂

I thought this song was appropriate right about now…